What are the different catalogues available and how can I view them?

There are catalogs for Routledge, CRC Press, RIBA, Education, Bestseller Showcase, Top Routledge and Top CRC. Each catalogue is under a separated tab on the catalogue page. You can view these catalogues by clicking on the ‘Explore Catalogue’ link available on the homepage header.

Who are the T&F representatives, and where can I get to know more about them?

We have T&F representatives from the Routledge rights team, CRC press rights team, and the China rights team for this virtual book fair.You can get more information about them by clicking on the ‘Meet Our Team’ link on the homepage.

How will this virtual platform help me choose the titles I want to discuss further with the T&F representatives?

In order to select titles and book meetings with the representatives, you need to login to the portal with the credentials shared with you. Once you are logged in, you can browse through our catalogue and add titles across different catalogues to your wishlist. Review your wishlist by clicking on the ‘Download Wishlist’ link and ensure that all titles are added. Now you can click on the ‘Meet’ link which will display an email address on a pop-up menu. You can contact the representative through this email address and they in-turn will get in touch with you with further details of a virtual meeting.

How can I add or edit my wishlist?

To add items to your Wishlist, login to the portal and navigate to the ‘Explore Catalogues’ page. Here, you will see an favorite_border icon. Click on this icon to add titles to your wishlist. In order to edit items on your wishlist, click on the ‘Wishlist’ link. Here you have the option to click on this image again and remove it from your list.

Where can I access the Rights guides?

The rights guides are available on the catalogue page. Click on the sticky navigation menu labeled ‘Rights Guide’ to download the ‘Summer/Spring Rights Guide’, and ‘Subject Catalogs’. This section also displays links to the ‘Series Highlights’ pages. Alternately, you can download the rights guide from the ‘Download Rights Guides’ link on the page header.

How can I view titles of a specific publisher?

Once you are on the catalogue page, click on the ‘Filter By’ icon and select the publisher name from the drop-down menu. All titles of that publisher will be displayed on the page.

How can I search for a specific title from my catalogue?

You can search for a title using the title name or ISBN number by entering the text in the ‘Search’ menu available on the catalogue page.

Is it possible for me to change my profile password?

Yes, you can change your password by clicking on the ‘User Profile’ menu. Select the ‘Profile’ option from the menu and navigate to the ‘Change Password’ tab. Enter your old password followed by the new password and then click the ‘Update’ button.

How can I register myself on the site?

When you click on the ‘Login/Register’ link, you need to click on the ‘Register’ tab and fill in the requested details to register yourself.